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ikea kitchen curtains 15
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Then she attached an Ikea curtain wire to the back wall, strung it with two Ikea linen curtains and affixed the other end to the pole. The wire started to sag in the middle, so she added a wire from the ceiling at the center. “I had some extra rope lying around, so I pulled back one of the curtains with it, giving it a nautical feel,” she says.

A: Good news! The Ikea curtains are great because they come with iron-on hem tape (no sewing, just fold the curtains where you wish they’d stop and iron the hem tape onto the bottom for an instant no-sew hem). But even though they’re easy to hem, it’s even easier to just hang those 98″ panels above your transom (wash them before you hang ‘em to pre-shrink them to make sure they don’t look too short for your perfectly mounted rod!). It’ll look great. And if you just wanted to mess around with the hem tape for fun, you could always get the 118″ curtains and hang them about 6″ above your transom for a bit more breathing room and height (and then just break out that iron, baby!).

Ack! Answers just breed more questions, huh? Denise, we would switch out your lighting above the sink for something with more bulbs so you can get more light in there. Other than a skylight or punching out a window it’s the way to go. Susan, we would definitely suggest creating the look of one long rod across the entire wall and softening the windows and the door with curtains. I don’t have a picture to show you, but removing the finials on the ends of the rods that meet should do the trick. Kori, you can just skip the blinds and go for curtains on either side or hang them higher as you suggested so they don’t interfere with the door. TB, this is a toughie. I would actually just play around with things (maybe purchase bamboo blinds and curtains and rods and save the receipts and see what works in such a tight space). You might want to just go for bamboo blinds mounted to the molding and leave the curtains for another space since they’ll be under a soffit anyway. Hope it helps! xo, s

And along with new curtains for me, comes an easy-sew tutorial for you! Note these curtains are unlined — they definitely let in a lot of light and offer little privacy. When I make curtains for our guest bedroom, I’ll post a tutorial about how to make lined curtains.

A: With a dog and countless home improvement projects going on at all times, it’s safe to say that white curtains can be just as easy to maintain as any other color (our living room ones even survived a nearby kitchen remodel). We like to wash our Ikea curtains before we hang them so they’re pre-shrunk (in case we need to launder them to refresh them once a season, we don’t have to worry that they’ll shrink up and look like highwaters). Then it’s just about tossing them in the wash a few times a year to keep them looking bright. A lot of moms even tell us that white is their favorite upholstery color since it can be bleached or oxycleaned and always looks crisp and fresh.

I love this fabric, it makes gorgeous curtains. I never knew IKEA sold fabric, We don’t have an IKEA here but it looks like I am going to have to plan a shopping trip to Indy. Your tutorial is spot on and simple to follow, great tips! I now have curtain envy!

A: Ikea, Target, Walmart, West Elm, JC Penney, and Bed Bath & Beyond are all great places to turn to when you’re hunting for curtains. Here are our ultimate favorites hanging on our living room window above (Ikea Vivan panels that are oh so cheap and classic- plus they come in two different lengths and have no-sew iron-on hem tape for easy installation that looks crisp and custom).

If there’s one thing that we can count on like clockwork, it’s a flurry of curtain & blind related questions in our inbox each and every day: where should I put curtains? where can I find good curtains? how do I hang curtains? So we’re here to answer a slew of them in one fell swoop. Hold onto your hats people, this could get crazy.

Did you know that IKEA sells fabric? Our local IKEA has a large selection of fabric, mostly in home-decorator weights (canvas, upholstery, etc.). But when Ryan and I were in there the other day, we found a light cotton fabric with this great text print:

Q: I have lovely french doors in the den, each with a transom above. From the frame of the transom to the floor is exactly 96 inches. So what length curtains do I buy? Using the IKEA panels as an example, would you use the 98 inch length and just hang slightly above the transom with an inch or so to spare? Or would you get the 118 inch length and hang higher and just let the material pool at the bottom? (I’m not really into sewing).

A: When it comes to your curtain debacle, I’d generally steer clear of solid black curtain panels (since they can seem pretty heavy and dark) but something with a pattern that includes some black to tie them into your furnishings would be great (we love these from Ikea with white, black and green stripes). You can also choose to tie your curtains in with the wall color for an expansive and layered look or even with the upholstery on your sofa (say it’s tan, a cream curtain would complement that beautifully without feeling matchy-matchy). And when it comes to you vertical blinds, drawing them to one side and hiding them behind your curtain panels will make them virtually invisible (but they can still be used by pulling them back out when you need them). Similarly, horizontal blinds can be pulled all the way up and obscured behind bamboo blinds or roman shades when they’re not in use. Oh happy day.

I liked your tutorial. I have made curtains before, tabs, but its been quite a few years, so needed a refresher I need to line my bedroom curtains. Going to make tiers and a valance. Do you have a tutorial on how to apply the lining? It is going to probably be muslin lined on cotton curtain material? Thanks!

4. Country Curtains: While some of the offerings read a bit too, well, country, there are several simple options that would fit a variety of styles. Thess pompom fringe curtains are reasonably priced and, from reviews, seem to keep buyers happy for years.

Curtains & blindsSoften up your window viewWe love the outdoors. But sometimes we want to keep outside elements, like sunlight, drafts and curious eyes, out. Curtains and blinds do this in a way that enhances your view from the inside, too. A multiple curtain solution allows you to make a stronger style statement while fine-tuning the amount of light or privacy you want. PÄRLBLADCurtains, 1 pair$24.99

Great info! Thanks! I have another question though, What about a really long wall in my living room probably around 30 feet….it has a door to the porch in the middle, about 1-2 foot on each side of the door, and then 3 big windows on each side…..should I try to to put a couple of rods together so that it goes across the whole back wall, and then let the curtains hang on the both sides of the door, and on the outside of the windows? Right now I have curtains on both sides of the windows, but the door seems to stand out, and I don’t want the door to stand out, I’d rather it seem like one seamless wall of windows. If this is possible, Do you have any pictures with several rods put together?

Curtains & blindsSoften up your window viewWe love the outdoors. But sometimes we want to keep outside elements, like sunlight, drafts and curious eyes, out. Curtains and blinds do this in a way that enhances your view from the inside, too. A multiple curtain solution allows you to make a stronger style statement while fine-tuning the amount of light or privacy you want.

Let’s get lost in layers With layer upon layer of different types of curtains, you can adjust the light, sound, temperature and privacy. Or, just make a relaxing room-in-a-room feeling. View all layered window solutions AINA Curtains, 1 pair $59.99

Thanks for all the tips. One other tip that I have used in my house is using table cloths as curtains. Places like Crate and Barrel put them on fantastic sales since they always have seasonal colors and they come in window lengths. I have 9 foot ceilings, so I purchased 108″ table cloths (my windows are huge so I bought 4 and sewed 2 together for each side but other than that, all the edges are already finished for you!!), mounted my rod high and wide (ceiling height), and used the clip rings (Thanks target) to hang the curtains. Easy as pie, cheap as poptarts.

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