6 Things To Know About Botox Injections For Wrinkles

Botox injections are medical procedures by which some kinds of medications are injected into your body with the intention of helping to remove or reduce your skin wrinkles. These procedures have their pros and cons though. In this article, I am going to show you 6 aspects of Botox injections that may or may not encourage you to engage in it.

how safe is botox injection

First let me ask you this question. Are you so much intent on retaining your beauty that you are ready to go as far as possible to make it happen? You see, in this era of technological and scientific advancement, great progress has been made in almost every facet of our society and the beauty department is not excluded. You probably have seen commercials promoting products for wiping out pimples and acne, skin whitening creams and lotions, Botox injections for getting rid of wrinkles and many more of such.

Should You Go For Botox Injection Or Not?

I asked you before how far are you ready to go in order to retain your beauty and your youthful look. This time it is you who should ask yourself. Are you prepared to take that drastic step of undergoing Botox injection procedures? It is not just the injection itself that you should consider. Other factors as well come with it as we are going to discover later on in this article.

Nature has determined that sooner or later we shall all go through the process of aging and as such looking old is an inevitable stage. Irrespective of the advancement in medical science like surgeries, Botox injections and creams, we are just slowing down the process of aging.

If you are ready to take the “jump” and dive into having Botox injections, then you also must be ready to handle the results and possible consequences. Before you make that final decision to go ahead, I would like to encourage you to do a lot of research about it. It is not going to hurt you if you ask questions. Talk to real professionals who are more interested in your wellbeing than just taking your money. Remember, your skin is an asset to your body. The largest organ. You don’t want to jeopardize it in any way.

Botox Made Popular By Celebrities

The first time I heard (read) about Botox was in one of the beauty Magazines. A female Hollywood celebrity who is also one of my favorite actresses supposedly went through some kind of “Botox something”. I wondered what the “4-letter word” that was. Being one of my favorite actresses, I decided to do a little asking around and it dawned on me what that was. They administer injections in certain parts of the body at regular intervals and in multiple sessions. The aim is to look younger and to get rid of wrinkles.

Then before you know it, it was all over the media. Celebrity this, celebrity that has gone through Botox injection procedures to remove ugly facial lines, remove forehead wrinkles etc. Understandably, their source of daily bread depends on their ever youthful look. Amen!

Again let me ask you one more question. How much do you know about Botox and how much do you know about the procedures involved? The 6 aspects I am going to outline may already be known to you and some may not. Read on.

1. Botox Injection As A Wrinkle Remover

Everyone knows that when you talk about Botox you are talking about a method for removing wrinkles. What many people fail to understand is that Botox will not help you to reduce or take care of other skin issues which are age related. Skin issues such as skin pigmentation, skin damage due to exposure to the sun and age spots will not be taken care of by Botox injection. If your skin has a rough texture, it will not make it soft either.

2. Botox Injections Are Expensive

Maybe you have heard that Botox costs from $10 to $20 per unit. According to Dr. Frederic Corbin, the total cost depends on what you are trying to achieve, depends on your geographical location, on how many sessions you will have to take and on the expertise of the person who administers it. You may end up paying more than $1000. Celebrities can afford this amount. Can you?

3. You May Be Taking A Risk

The process of going through Botox therapy involving injections can be a risk to your health. No, no, I don’t have the intention to scare you. Botox injection entails certain chemicals (call them toxins) to be injected into your body. Now everybody reacts to the presence of foreign bodies differently. Person A’s reaction to the injection is completely different from the way person B’s body reacts to the same medication.

Note: If you are not sure how your body will react to the injection, you need a thorough consultation with a very high ranking expert in that field. We have seen epitomes of beauty turned into horrible looking figures because of Botox gone wrong.

4. Uncomfortable Personal Revelation

Don’t let this caption confuse you. Yes, you may have to reveal some of your personal medical history. You will have to let the doctor administering the Botox injection in on your private matters. He or she will have to know what medications you have been taking and for how long. In a way, it is good because it then helps to determine whether your body can handle the procedure. Furthermore you don’t want the medications to negatively interact with each other. Your personal safety comes first.

5. Mistakes Do Happen

This is closely knitted with point 3 above. Mistakes do happen, dosages can either be insufficient or too much. We are talking about injections here. You may end up with something you never bargained for at the start. A lot of things can go wrong with Botox injection. Care is required at all levels.

6. A No Go For Sensitive Skin

There is more to it than just taking injections. Your mental and physical preparedness must be sound. Your type of skin must also not be the very sensitive one. Remember you will be injecting substances into your body through your skin. We don’t want skin irritation and skin infection do we?

Don’t take this lightly. Taking Botox injection with the aim of reducing or removing skin wrinkles demands deep thoughts. View every aspect from all angles, ponder on the pros and cons and weight every point very seriously. Once you are administered the Botox injection, there is no turning back.

Finally: Are There Alternatives To Botox Injections?

Of course there are alternatives to almost everything in this life. As far as health is concerned, you can always find an alternative solution to one problem or the other. There are less expensive and natural ways to reduce wrinkles without having to go for the risky and more expensive Botox injections. Do your research well. Examine other options well before you make your final decision.

If however it is the Botox injection you opt for, I wish you all the best luck you can get.

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