Determining compensation, benefits, and union membership eligibility


Job evaluation tends to be a systematic process for assessing relative worth of jobs in an organization. The comprehensive analysis of each position’s tasks, knowledge, skills, and responsibilities requirements is necessary for evaluating the value of the employer of the job’s content and also providing the internal ranking of the job. Job evaluation tends to provide a consistent and rational approach for determining the employee’s pay within an organization. In this report, I will discuss the job evaluation method for determining the worth of the claims supervisor position, describe the recommended salary and benefits package for the position, and also determine if the job is eligible to be in a union.

Determining compensation, benefits, and union membership eligibility

As the human resource manager for Epic Health Solutions, I would consider using the point-rating job evaluation method. The point method tends to use specific factors in determining the value for the job. The job evaluation using this method includes any particular skill, effort, responsibility, or physical demand for which an employer is willing to pay the employee (Handlogten & Caruth 2001). When using the point factor method, it is possible to determine what to pay for the work the employee will perform or the attributes that you value most so as to set the compensation rates.

When creating a salary and benefits package, it is necessary to ensure that you use a fair approach. The approach used in creating the benefit and salary package will affect your ability to attract, retaining, and also motivating the qualified and enthusiastic employees.  When considering salaries and benefits packages, it is important to understand that a generous employee package can be a good way of keeping the talent that you have and also recruiting the cream of the crop. When providing employees with a fair salary and benefits package, it will be possible to motivate employees to perform their best and also provide job satisfaction (Handlogten & Caruth 2001). When people know your organization as one that provides good benefits, you will find it very easy to recruit talented employees and can also have some positive side effect about sales. .

Something that I would consider unethical when creating salary offering is putting different salaries for male and female employees performing jobs that require substantially equal responsibility, effort, and skills and under similar working conditions in the same establishment. I will consider this unethical practice that should not continue in the company. It is essential to ensure that there is no sexual discrimination about gender pay gap.  Thus, so as to ensure the company is upholding ethical practices when creating salary offering, I will consider implementing a policy that ensures equal pay where women and men receive equal pay for equal work in the same establishment. That does not mean that the jobs must be identical, but they should be substantially equal (Handlogten & Caruth 2001). Therefore, when making any salary offering, it will be important to consider the effort, skills, responsibility, working conditions, and the establishment of a particular job position.

When considering the position of a claims supervisor, the recommended salary will be $43,000 a year. The role of the claims supervisor is evaluating claims cases and deciding whether payment is justified. The supervisor also meets with the legal counsel in case the case requires litigation. However, this amount varies depending on the years of experience, the level of education, and also the location of the company. The claims supervisor will have health benefits that include dental, vision, and medical. The position will also offer a cash bonus to employees and the vacation and paid to time out.

A labor union refers to an organization of workers dedicated to protecting the member’s interests and improving the hours, wages, and working conditions. People usually join unions so as to gain a voice at work. As a union member, one has a strong collective voice for negotiation with the employers regarding benefits, pay, and even working conditions. As the claims supervisor, the job is not eligible to be in a union. The responsibility of the claims supervisor includes providing daily support to the claim staff on managing and filing activities. They also ensure the claiming team follow state regulations and the standard operating procedures and also help claim personnel in the coverage investigation, settlement negotiation, and liability analysis. The claims supervisor also evaluates the professional skills of the claim staff and offer appropriate claim assignments to them. According to Jackson et al. (2014), a supervisor or a manager cannot join unions or even be part of the bargaining unit. The reason as to why the job is not eligible for the union is because it is part of the company’s management instead of its labor force. In this case, the claim supervisor makes work assignments and also direct work of other employees; thus, they supervisor. Hence, the job is not eligible to be in a union.


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