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The aim of this paper is to explain what the good life is for a human and how to best conduct oneself as a member of the human species.

The selected passage is “the difficulty, my friend is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding evil, for evil runs faster than death. I am old and move slowly and the slower runner has overtaken me, and my accusers are keen and quick and the faster runner, who is evil, has overtaken them”. (Apology 48)

According to Socrates, he states that the best way to act is to always to the good. Socrates claims that death is something that we should not fear, but we should focus on avoiding evil. Based on the passage, Socrates tends to explain that death usually comes to us all; thus, no one can avoid it. However, evil is something that we can avoid if we work hard, but it tends to be hard because it does pervade every aspect of our lives and it tempts every part our being that it desires. Socrates tries to say that wickedness is hard to avoid in our life as evil is more powerful than death to handle.

The response I got from reading the statement is that although death will happen to everyone, we should focus on avoiding doing evil as evil is something that we can avoid. In my experience, I tend to agree with the philosopher, and to live a good life; we should always try to avoid doing wrong because that is evil.

A general rule for living a good life is to know that since we shall all die, we should work hard at making sure that we do the right things at all time and avoid evil at all cost.


Plato (n.d) Chapter 2 Apology, pp. 32-50

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