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Iteration 2: Gathering of the Project Requirement related to Salesforce Development


The process of gathering requirements for the Salesforce application development simply defines the determination and description of the functionalities and features of the targeted Salesforce application. The entire process of gathering the project requirements was developed into four typical phases which were distributed within the two weeks of implementing the iteration. The iteration implementation began with the prior tier that involved the feasibility study. A feasibility study, in this case, takes the focus on the understanding of the organization goals so that the features and the functionalities of the application defined should match and reflect the goals of the business. The feasibility study took the duration of three days with eight hours of working.

The second division f the plan of gathering the project requirements was the actual gathering of the requirements. The process was done through the administering of questionnaires and conducting someone to one meeting. This was an essential part of the process as the data collected provided the information that was applied in determining the application requirements. The process took me the period of four days as I had to make sure that all critical personnel have been involved in the process. The third section of the requirement gathering process was the specification of the project requirements. This process defines the analysis of the collected requirements from which I had to determine the specific requirements that define the goals of the organization and enables the determination of the other requirements that will facilitate the implementation of the project.

The subsequent fourth division of the process was the validation of the project requirements. This process was essential as it enabled the definition of how useful and practical can the requirements get implemented.


As a prior critical basis of defining the most essential requirements, I had to undertake a feasibility study. By then I had to work hand in hand with the organization executive and the project team in determining the validity of the project. I held several meeting with the executives where we analyzed the goals and the strategic objectives of the organization in reflection to the project that we were to implement. We had to get the confirmation from the management that the company can sponsor the project. The meetings were held twice a day for two days and the third day was the documentation of the report.

After the delivery and the recommendation from the management to proceed with the project, I designed some simple and direct questionnaire where I administered to some selective employees within the organization and the executive management. I conducted one to one meetings with the stakeholders of the company who gave their views and comments about what is expected as the functionalities of the Salesforce application. The questionnaire captured the wishes of the employees about what features they opt to get the Salesforce application to contain. I collected and recorded the information in preparation for analysis.

I got followed by analyzing the gathered information so as I may specify the requirements that addressed the problem defined within the organization. The application requirements specification, in this case, was done to define the interaction of Salesforce application with the hardware, other software, the external interfaces, the security o the application, the speed of operations, recovery of the application in the case of crashing and the maintainability of the application. I quickly finalized the process by validating the requirements to make sure that the requirements specified can be implemented and can get the problem identified is solved.

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