Life choice decision

The main reason the teacher never reached out to his brother Sonny is because the teacher was feeling betrayed, let down and ashamed of his brother. Despite them being brothers, they had chosen a different path of life, and the teacher knew he was no longer responsible for caring for his brother now that he is an adult. Sonny’s brother is a high school teacher in Harlem. He is also a stable family man with a wife two sons and a recently deceased daughter. He is older than Sonny by seven years. When their parents died, he tried as much as he could to protect and parent Sonny. He is now feeling both guilty and sorry for the arrest of Sonny. He also fails to understand why Sonny became an addict in the first place. Since the death of their mother Sonny’s life has been filled with cases of drug abuse and now the prison. The differences in their life choice are the cause of tension between the two brothers. In one fight Sonny tells his older brother to consider him dead. It is the reason the teacher does not respond or visit his brother while in prison. The teacher also feels that now his brother is in prison, he failed to follow their mother’s commandment of watching over his brother but instead turns his back on him (Pavlic, 1).
The reason he reaches out to his brother after the death of his daughter.
It is until the death of Gracie, the narrators’ daughter that the teacher finally contacts Sonny both due to the sorrow he felt after losing his child and the realization that no one last forever. The death of his daughter also reminded the narrator of the death of their mother. When their mother was almost dying, the older brother/ narrator was told a secret. She told him about their brother’s father and how he died a tragic death at a young age. She asked the narrator to promise her that she will care for the young brother Sonny. She told her about his father and his brother who usually perform in different clubs on Saturday nights until one day something bad happened. In their drunken spree, some white boys had a prank on them, but it went too far resulting in the death of their uncle. This story, therefore, came to his mind that he should be his brother’s keeper. He writes, she said “I m telling you this because you have a brother. And the world has never changed” (Baldwin, 101). It is Gracie’s death that makes the narrator contact Sonny telling him about Grace’s funeral. He writes stating that” his troubles made Sonny real” (Baldwin, 175).

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