Prioritize App Performance to Bring 1+ M Downloads

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It sounds so good, and soothing when you learn that your app has garnered more than 1 Million  downloads and it is the latest sensation in the app market.

I am sure every app owner dreams of such journey, and always looks for the best ways possible to make this happen in real-time, but sadly not ever mobile app savors this success.

I know it heart-wrenching, but not impossible…

Yes, you heard me all correct, this indeed not an unachievable task, but if you give attention to your app’s performance. Just read ahead to know further…

  • Users’ experience has a huge role in making an app successful because it is their experience which they share through reviews, which incline the users to see the potential of your app.
  • If your app is slowing down, due to the excessive animation or the bigger image size, then don’t sleep on it, rather bring the best possible solution to help your app, come out clean.
  • Check whether the on-boarding process of your mobile app is taking a long time for the users to access the app, if it demands number of steps to log in, you are certainly going to lose a massive chunk of users, as users don’t prefer to entertain a page-length details, just to access the mobile app.
  • Your app is crashing, has bugs and you are doing NOTHING about it…C’mon wake-up, this is not the part you can delay further, but you need to be smart enough to test the app not just once, but on the regular basis to check any bug or error in the app.

Remember, you have to stay available for your users and listen to their pity related to your app, and always ask your mobile app development company in UK to keep the app updated with any new or trending technology to carve a niche for itself.

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