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The degree of resistance and protection from harm is rightly known as Security. It is required for everything on earth. From human being to machine security is a vital thing. ISECOM or Institute for Security and Open Methodologies has rightly mentioned about security: “a form of protection where a separation is created between the assets and the threat.” Security further can be divided into two wings: Negative and positive. The first part, Negative needs forces and weapons to control the situation. On the other hand the second part of security includes positive aspects. It gives profit and huge capital, education, social interaction and software are needed. There are immense discussions on different types of securities. Security can be categorized as Monetary, Political, IT, Physical realm and others.
Among them, IT security is a burning topic. With the modernization of the society use of computer has also increased. People use computer and various software to control the security of an enterprise and it is also helpful to run the organization peacefully. IT security includes: Communication security, Computer security, Internet security, Application security, Data security, Information security, Network security and Endpoint security. To run this security in the field of IT, SAP or Systems Applications Products plays a crucial role. SAP is a computer module which is applied to run different operations of an organization. Various enterprises adopt SAP modules to secure the data and information of their businesses. This has ruled the IT market and the large business application for long period. The program is flexible enough which helped the market to adopt them with it. SAP is a modular system which forms other functions and that could be bought with piecemeal. A business group can purchase their willing module to match their functions of different parts of their work.
To spread the awareness of SAP and its utilities some sectors are giving training to fresher and professionals. They create scope to practice the functions of the modules and to enrich their knowledge to start a career as a SAP professional. One can join an enterprise as a SAP Data specialist or a SAP customer specialist or a SAP sales and distribution specialist. It is a flexible and highly defined program that can easily handle a big business. Now, SAP is also applied in small business for its flexibility and accuracy. In Kolkata, some educational institutes are present who trains people as professional in SAP. They apply unique and technical procedures to enrich their students. They have planned scheme and well – equipped class rooms. The environment is soothing enough in those institutes which inspires students to learn and apply these functions for future betterment. SAP is applied in management functions. HR of a company not only handles the recruitment of a company. They also look after the security and business enhancement of a company. A SAP HCM module helps to keep track of every aspects of the business. So, to become a qualified professional choose SAP training as a part of your education. For more details please see:

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