Service encounter Paper

Place and time of observation

Two months ago, I was shopping for video production equipment. I checked by a local electronic equipment mall that I had already visited a few years ago.

Service encounters

On arriving at the mall, I began the usual shopper routine by checking out the products offered, identifying product differences, and inquiring on the prices so as to arrive at the best purchase decision.  I had less knowledge on video recording and knew nothing about the equipment. Hence, I wanted to acquire as much information as I could before purchasing anything.  While I was browsing a store at the first floor, one of the attendants whom I presumed was the shop owner demonstrated everything that an individual offering customer service should not do.

A sales-driven approach

Outside the store, the attendant was very sociable and welcoming. However, after 3-4 minutes into the conversation, I noted that something was amiss. It was clear from the conversation that making sales was his primary objective and not fulfilling my needs as a customer. He constantly praised his store even before understanding my needs.  He would jump right to the price and the discount that a product carried with each question I asked about particular equipment rather than tell me about the product and difference with other products.

Serving with Expectations

After a while, I told him I was just checking out the product and not automatically buying. I recognized an immediate change in mood and tone.  He immediately responded that he was out to do business indirectly suggesting that he would not pay any more attention if I didn’t intend to make a purchase.

Voice of Negativity

I was alarmed by his expectation and decided to cut the interaction.  I told him that I would check other shops. To my surprise, he responded that his store was the largest nd there was no point of walking from store to store with no intention to purchase. I walked out and vowed never to go back to the store again.


Customer service should not be dependent upon purchase.

The idea that a customer has to purchase an item is a misinformed idea. Potential customers check out the product offers before deciding on what to buy. It coerces and chases away the customer instead.

Any sales process should start with customer’s needs in mind.

The attendant did not care to understand my needs. He never enquired anything about what I had in mind or the functions I required. Clearly, he was interested in just selling the equipment which made me skeptical about making any purchase.  It would be difficult to trust his recommendation as it was clear he was out to serve his interest, not customers.

Listening and less talking.

Constant boasting without paying attention to his service is one of the reasons as to why customers fail to make purchases. My interest was to get equipment.

 Likely reasons for a person not to offer an uptake

The first reason is when there is the lack of willingness, positivity courtesy among others. The second reason is when an individual fails to understand by a customer.

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