Texas State Constitution

The current Texas State Constitution became effective in 1876 and is the 7th constitution in history but the fifth since Texas obtained its statehood. There have been several amendments to the constitution for it to be as it is in the present. The different features of the constitution are as described comprising of the preamble and 17 articles (Maltz, 2006).
The preamble states, “Humbly invoking the blessings of Almighty God the people of the States of Texas do ordain and establish this Constitution.” Article 1 has the bill of rights and has 37 sections. Most of its provisions regard the specific basic limitations on the power of the state government and other rights to the Citizens. Article 2 has the power of Government and provides for the separation of powers of the government. Article 3 regards the legislative department and contains the legislative power of the state that consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Article 4 has the executive department and describes the powers and duties of the state officials (Ericson & Wallace, 2015).
Article 5 regards the judicial department and describes the composition, powers, and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Article 6 has the Suffrage and denies the voting rights to the minors, felons, and the mentally incompetent. Article 7 has education provisions for the public schools, asylums, and the universities. Article 8 has the details for taxation and revenue that places restrictions on the legislature and local governments to impose taxes. Article 9 has the provisions for the counties and provides the rules for the development of countries and determination of the county seats.
Article 10 regards Railroads and article 11 regards the municipal corporations. It recognizes counties as legal and political subunits of the state and gives power to the cities and counties as well as empowering the legislature to form the districts. Article 12 has the provisions for the Private corporations, and Article 13 has the provisions for the Spanish and Mexican Land Titles.

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