The Dark Matter

The article discusses how physics have failed in the search for particles that its scholars perceive constitute the dark matter or the invisible material perceived to constitute 85% of the mass in the cosmos.  In the article, elusive particles referred to as WIMPs seem to evade the knowledge of physicists.  It raises the issue as to whether they exist or not. With already existing physics theories explaining the concept of dark matter, the failure of physicists there is something wrong with how the universe is understood. The article highlights two example of the experiments that have done by physics built have failed to explain this aspect of the cosmos.   The article highlights the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) experiment which researchers spent over a year’s looking for light flashes from WIMPs striking xenon nuclei but turned out not to yield any positive results. The article highlights another experimental failure from the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider that gave disappointing results. Since then,   there have been pursuits to the WIMPs through smashing protons at high energies but have never given an explanation of the dark matter. Jointly, the failed experiments remain a big blow to the dark matter perhaps needing advanced studies for success. This means that WIMP models stand as fears that WIMPs might remain a long pursuit to accomplish in searching for dark matter. The failure to in pursuing the realities of the dark matter stands as the biggest issue for physicists who can attract the notion that   the dark matter is not a real concept and it can be invalided despite the overwhelming existence evidence.  In sum, the article eludes the possibility that dark matter might have something deeper that needs to be understood as many discoveries always yield new things. This remains as a motivator for   the dark matter to exist and solve outstanding issues of the physics Standard Model.


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