Top Magento 2 MultiVendor Extensions for Online Marketplace

There could be no second thought that most of the successful E-commerce entrepreneurs are ruling the planet.

This encompasses Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jack Ma (Alibaba), Pierre Omidyar (eBay) or the Bansal Brothers (Flipkart). If you take a sneak peek into E-commerce business models, you will observe how all websites are practicing multivendor approach that offers purchasers an option to select the seller from whom they want to buy a product.

We target to leverage the capability of our expert Magento developers in building up multivendor marketplaces and accumulate a list of Top 10 multivendor extensions for Magento 2 accessible in 2018 to create and perform an online marketplace proficiently and fruitfully.

Characteristics to seek from a Magento 2 Multivendor extensions

A multi-vendor marketplace comprises diverse user roles, such as – admin, support staff, buyers, sellers, marketers, etc. But you need to make sure the Magento 2 multivendor extensions you choose are skilled to maintain your business, they should possess certain features so that your website is ranked on top and assists you convert everything into an automatic online marketplace.

Your online presence should supervise a robust vendor signup mechanism that includes collecting all the data including Business ID of the vendors and exact location for order pickup.

  • Every recorded vendor should get an exclusive URL for his workplace and should have a free will to rename the URL of their Shop.
  • Dealers must have the access to upload a plethora of products– possibly exploring an Excel or CSV file.
  • Vendors must have an aptitude to generate an invoice, shipment and Refund memo for orders with admin consent.

Getting up on these benchmarks for forming a successful Multivendor marketplace, we have investigated and listed Top 10 Magento 2 multivendor extensions that can benefit you in establishing up a qualified Multivendor store.

A.    Vnecoms

Founded in 2012, Vnecoms has attained success at a huge level in a small time parallel to other Magento 2 multivendor extensions. It delivers a broad package to create an online multivendor marketplace in an integrated way. This serves that admin can simply turn off the features he does not willing to use on his website.

Key features:

  1. Suggests all payment methods available inbuilt in Magento 2.
  2. Upkeep Simple, Configurable and Simulated products.
  3. Mobile approachable seller panel.
  4. Capable enough to build seller groups.
  5. 1-year limitless assistance.

Our expert Magento Developer has a good hand in this extension.

B.    Webkul

Another champion in our list of Magento 2 multivendor extensions is from one of Magento community’s most vigorous extension provider and Deloitte award winner. Supported up by active customer provision from the Webkul team, this is a great preference for admins who are seeing for a change in backend management options.

Key features:

  1. Unique front-end collection layouts for the admins to pick from.
  2. Supervises Simple, Adaptive, Virtual and Downloadable products.
  3. Admin can arrange auto-approval for orders.
  4. The decision to setup altered seller commission for every seller.
  5. Offers a hand to several other Webkul extensions for further scalability and efficiency.

C.    Apptha– MultiVendor Marketplace

Similar marketplace extension like that of Webkul is Apptha’s Magento 2 marketplace plugin. Matching most of the traits, Apptha does have few tricks making it unique amidst others. With default incorporation for social media and one step checkout, it is a good option for users looking for a crisp interface laden with features for their buyers and sellers.

Key features:

  1. Subscription functionality for sellers to sell on your marketplace.
  2. Social media login and sign up support by default.
  3. Automatic and manual option for product approval.
  4. Automatic and manual option for seller profile approval.
  5. Information-rich and actionable back-end for sellers.
  6. Completely free to use for the first 3 months.


Establishing an online marketplace and opting for the right Magento 2 multivendor extensions is unarguably a daunting task to comprehend. The list we have gathered is in no way organized based on the effective output offered by the services provided by each vendor. In-spite, we totally leave it up to you to analyze the features presented by each one of them and hope that you will look up to our expert Magento Developer to build your website as per your requirement and specifications.

If you thinking to consult or if you are considering in implementing and expanding upon the default features offered by these service providers, then feel free to hire our expert Magento developers. Our professionals are skilled enough to develop your website up to mark and keeping in mind to build your website which is compatible with any Magento 2 Themes.

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