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The Zoe is a Miami hip-hop gang linked to Haiti, and it is gaining much attention because of a special documentary concerning the group that is being aired on the History Channel from time to time. The Zoe gang has been appearing on the news multiple times in the news for the last 15 years although it was not famous outside Miami until it began being aired by the History Channel special. The founding of the group was in the mid-1990s in a section of Miami known as Lil Haiti, in Florida. The gang was founded by a small group of immigrant youths from Haiti that was unhappy about the attack on the whites, Hispanics, Asians and African Americans.
The Haitian youth began the group as a way of protecting themselves from the other racial groups although it later turned out to be something larger than the initial anticipations. The group maintains extreme secrecy that makes it unknown much outside the United States although the main chapters in the Miami, Florida have kept the group’s operations under watch since 2002. However, there is information that says that the group is still active in the within the South Florida and Miami. Rumors have been circulating for years around the media that before any rap artist shoots a video in Miami, the group must first give permission to them. For that reason, several musicians have been shouting out the Zoe in songs as well as in their music videos such as 50 cents, Rick Ross, Cameron, Pastor Troy, Tony Rayo among other musicians.
The Zoe gang is an international criminal organization, and it is very active in the east coast US to the Caribbean to Canada. The main chapters in S. Florida does not put on any specific colors, and they do so that they can blend in and evade drawing any attention from the law enforcement agencies although a few members tend to put on the red and blue colors (NYSIC, 2009). Those colors represent the Haitian flag bandanna that is put on the left side to mean that the Haitian flag is not recognized by them and that it is tattered in their hearts. Reports show that Zoe is part of the Zoe Pound gang that is most dangerous among all the Haitian gangs In S. America drug cartels because the gang controls some ports in Haiti, especially the ports that lie a mile from the United States shores. The gang also controls the Port of Miami.

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